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Falconer Abraham
Free Your Voice

Falconer Abraham, a dedicated vocal coach, has spent three decades passionately exploring the mechanics of the voice. His unique approach fuses teachings from esteemed instructors worldwide, resulting in a technique that has propelled his students to earn prestigious accolades such as Grammys, Junos, and Maple Blues awards. Esteemed artists like JP Saxe, Jully Black, Melanie Fiona, Alessia Cara, Shakura Saida, Sate, and Snow have benefited from his tutelage, yet Falconer remains committed to learning.


His teaching philosophy revolves around his students' growth as artists and musicians. Falconer prioritizes understanding his students' vocal challenges and actively resolves them, emphasizing explanation and demonstration of necessary skills. This student-centric approach fosters rapid improvement, often leaving newcomers feeling they've gained more from a single session than from prolonged study elsewhere.


Word-of-mouth referrals frequently bring students to Falconer's door. Renowned Speech Pathologist Aaron Low directed a young girl to Falconer, afflicted with severe muscle tension dysphonia—a condition which constricts the laryngeal muscles causing pain during speech and singing. During her initial lesson, the girl's mother observed a remarkable relaxation in her daughter's muscles, enabling her to sing once more. When asked about her throat's condition, the girl exclaimed, "So much better. It doesn't even hurt."


Falconer's reputation as a beacon for vocal liberation persists, drawing in students intent on unlocking their voice's potential.

"Without the singer, the song has no voice"
-Falconer Abraham

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