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Falconer Abraham

Free Your Voice

Falconer is a vocal coach on a quest. At Free Your Voice studios, he works tirelessly to improve his skill and efficiency as a vocal coach and a vocal artist. Over the last 27 years, he has studied with some of North America’s top vocal teachers. His approach to vocal technique has helped his students garner Grammys, Junos, and Maple Blues awards. To name a few, he has taught award winning artists like Melanie Fiona, Alessia Cara, Shakura Saida, Sate, and Snow. And yet he continues to study. This is why:


Falconer believes in his students. He cares to explain and demonstrate all the concepts and skills that he requires of them. After the first lesson, his students often leave with the feeling they have learned more in one lesson than they have studying elsewhere. That’s because Falconer is efficient at what he does. He asks his students first what is their vocal issue and works to solve it. As a result, his students benefit. They see rapid improvement because he puts them first. They are important. They are his vocal line. 


For this reason, students often learn of Falconer via word of mouth. Renowned Speech Pathologist Aaron Low referred a young girl to Falconer after learning she suffered from severe muscle tension dysphonia, a voice disorder where the muscles tighten around the larynx making even speaking difficult. She wanted, however, to sing again. In the midst of her first lesson, the young girl’s mother who was in attendance could hear the difference as the young girl’s muscles relaxed so she could begin singing again. When Falconer asked the young girl how her throat feels, she responded, “So much better. It doesn’t even hurt.”

That is why vocal students who are on a quest to free their voice find Falconer.

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